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Joey Pirelli & Micah Andrews
Joey Pirelli & Micah AndrewsJoey Pirelli & Micah AndrewsJoey Pirelli & Micah Andrews

Joey Pirelli & Micah Andrews

Site: Homo Emo

Date Added: July 13, 2018

The energy between buddies Joey and Micah in this awesome scene is so intense, and none of it is faked. These guys are all about ramming their naked cocks into each other and they really don't hold back. After swapping their cocks in some great oral and making their dicks drip precum Micah takes up position to ram his cock into his friend, humping him over and over and making his friend moan with pleasure. Then it's time for the roles to switch and for muscle boy Micah to get his friend's naked dick deep in his hole too! The boys love it, slamming each other and taking their friend to a cum splashing climax, with Joey craving as much juice as he can get!

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