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Dustin Revees & Leo Page
Dustin Revees & Leo PageDustin Revees & Leo PageDustin Revees & Leo Page

Dustin Revees & Leo Page

Site: Homo Emo

Date Added: January 18, 2019

Leo doesn't look like a dietician, but that doesn't stop him from trying to educate his friend Dustin about the evils of sugar substitutes. Don't worry, the educational speech at the start while the boys enjoy a lollipop soon makes way for some greedy cock sucking and butt fucking! Dustin leaps on his friend and the two make out, but as soon as their cocks are free for sucking they're getting to work on those gorgeous boners. With cocks slurped and Dustin's ass licked out Leo fills him up, fucking him bareback all over the bed! Watch for the awesome pile driving action!

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